Welcome to the CREATIVA!

Participate and create. Nowhere else will you find as versatile a programme as you do at the CREATIVA Trade Fair.
So let our experts inspire you on the action spaces and in the numerous creative workshops. Try out new products and techniques or just refine the knowledge and abilities you have already acquired.

Versatility. When it comes to handicraft and creativity, you won’t find a range of products that has a multitude of facets comparable to the abundance of products offered at the CREATIVA.

For 34 years about 700 exhibitors have been presenting their creative ideas and products in Dortmund once a year. It does not matter whether you have just picked up painting recently and are looking for the right canvasses and paints, or whether you have been making quilts for many years and would like to obtain not only high-quality materials but also the latest technical equipment.

At the CREATIVA you will find all relevant suppliers as well as the competent professional advice you have been looking for.

The meeting point. Nowhere else will you find such a large group of people who share the same creative passion and interests.

Even though the CREATIVA primarily focuses on end consumers that enjoy creative activities in their leisure time, it also provides a very interesting platform for trade visitors – particularly for those with professions that focus on child care, special education and the care of handicapped persons as well as physical rehabilitation, such as teachers, teaching assistants, trainers, paedagogues and therapists.

The "Road to Creative Impulses" will provide you with the chance to directly contact associations, institutions and groups that specialize in arts / crafts, painting and drawing. Being a trade fair visitor will give you the opportunity to build reliable networks of creativity with those associations and groups you can maintain beyond the CREATIVA.

Child care. Professional care and entertainment of our youngest guests (ages 3-7) will be provided at our CREATIVA Kindergarten every day from 9 am to 5 pm. So while you, the adult trade fair visitors, may stroll around and enjoy the trade fair, your children will have fun as well.

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Westfalenhallen 4-8

Opening hours
daily  9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Please note that dogs in the halls are prohibited. Thank your for your support.
Travel conventiently
Take the free “MesseExpress” from the parking lot to the exhibition site.