Welcome to the CREATIVA!

We are looking forward to welcoming you on the side of the exhibitors at the CREATIVA in Dortmund – specially since you are interested in the leading consumer trade fair that specializes in arts & crafts, painting and drawing in Europe.

For 34 years the CREATIVA has been a fixed item in the German world of creativity. An average of about 700 exhibitors and 80,000 visitors meet in Dortmund every year.

Lots of spending power. Our visitors‘ spending power has stayed on a constant high level for years. 91.7% of all visitors already made a purchase at the trade fair in March 2015. Each visitor spent about Euros 139 on the average which corresponded to the exact spending average of the previous year. On the whole, this means a market volume round about 10 million Euros at the CREATIVA.

In order to better evaluate that amount, we also asked our visitors how much they spend on creativity products per month. As we learned, the monthly average value amounts to Euros 33.90 per customer.

First-class visitors. The share of private visitors was 79,1 % for the 2014 CREATIVA, which means that 20,9 % of all visitors attended the CREATIVA for professional reasons as well. Most of these are multipliers, such as teachers, assistant teachers, trainers, paedagogues and therapists who pass along their interest in creative activities and creative products to children and juveniles.

The overall share of female visitors was 97.7 %. But even men – who made up 2.3 % of the visitors – have started taking a greater interest in creativity and creative leisure activities.

Visitor goals. Visitors of the CREATIVA want to

* get new ideas and information concerning their hobbies
* try out materials and techniques
* learn about novelties
* and mainly purchase products for themselves in order to realize creative ideas at home.

The fact that 87 % of the visitors felt that coming to the 2015 CREATIVA had been worth their while shows how well those goals were met by the CREATIVA due to its comprehensive range of products and its extra shows.

92, % of the visitors indicated that they plan to return to the 2015 CREATIVA by giving their intention a rating between 1 to 3 (equivalent to A and B).

Interactive forums. In order to maintain the attraction and quality of the general event on its high level and to bring you – as an exhibitor - together with new customers, we offer our visitors an extensive and sophisticated extra show programme with interactive creative workshops in addition to the regular exhibition space.

We would like to emphasize our "fokus.kreatives.handwerk" (a focus on creative crafts) which enables new exhibitors from that high-quality trade sector to exclusively present their products and creative techniques.

Thus you, too, will profit from that extra service.

Your advantage. So use the opportunity to sign up for an exhibition booth at the 2016 CREATIVA. Profit

* from the strong buying power of the approximately 80,000 visitors and their interest in shopping for products ´
* and from our central fair site within a commuting area of 20 million inhabitants.

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