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“HANDMADE Kultur” - the Do It Yourself Network + Magazine of Europe! With instructions for DIY products, creative classes, dates and much more.
On-Top: Four times a year 100 pages of original ideas, inspirations and great reports about the scene are published. With sewing patterns, yarn projects, upcycling, paper works, construction manuals for furniture and lamps. Come on, together it is more fun!

“PUPPEN & Spielzeug” is the only magazine in German for doll-fans and collectors and it reports six times a year about everything interesting from the scene. The range of subjects is very wide. Next to portraits of contemporary artists it has articles about rarities, detailed manuals and event- and auction reports. Friends of this genre and toy-enthusiasts will find themselves informed completely with the magazine “PUPPEN & Spielzeug”.

“TEDDYS kreativ” is the indispensable lecture for every bear-friend. The magazine devotes itself to many aspects of teddybear-art every two months. Entertaining artist- and company portrays, reports of the most important events from all over the world, background reports about exhibits from more than 110 years teddy history and a creative part with sewing manuals and cutting papers for replication: All that is “TEDDYS kreativ”.

The magazine “Landlust” inspires everyone with delightful receipts from the country kitchen, beautiful and practical decoration ideas, useful tips for ornamental- and kitchen gardens and much more subjects on the topic ‘lovely parts of the country-life’

Laura WOHNEN kreativ whets everybodys’ appetite for creativity!
Laura WOHNEN kreativ shows inspiring buying tips, informs about the newest garden trends and shows with fanciful decorated tables and delicious dishes how to celebrate classy.

The „Kunst & Kreativ Bastelzirkus“ delights its audience at the biggest fairs for creativity in Europe since 2010. The “Bastelzirkus” is up to 400m² big and for many visitors an absolute highlight. The best workshop lecturers of the creative branch present the newest ideas and tinker trends. Tips, tricks and great suggestions are presented every time.
“Kunst&Kreativ”-supplier and producer offer their top-innovations and established classics. The “Bastelzirkus” joins all age groups with its new ideas and concepts.

The only Peal-jewelry-magazine for creative people in Germany! Artist portrays, jewelry-techniques, material presentations, historical facts, tips and tricks, news and much more.
We are organiser of the annually BEADERS BEST pearl-art fair in Hamburg with many workshops.

At „“ artisans and artists from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries present themselves in over 5.500 articles. On the website gift ideas can easily be found. The large list with dates of art- and handicraft-markets probably has listed the right event close to you. Also, you can find sources of supply for material, address galleries, shops, handicraft- and art-classes.

„VerFilzt Und ZugeNäht“ is the magazine for felt-enthusiasts and it is unique in Germany. The magazine, which is published 4 times a year, dedicated itself all facets of felting. It portrays artists and shows special techniques and materials and much more. An English translation is available. - DAS Onlinemagazin was founded in 2005. It offers new information for every teddy fan, collector, hobby-teddy-manufacturer and hobby-teddy-artist weekly. The articles are various: Dates, artist portrays, event reports, sewing patterns, book tips, small ads, teddy galleries and much more. The popular online competition “glassy teddy” takes place once a year in spring since 2006.

Our publisher offers all interests the perfect compass through the multifarious world of handicraft. Classy designs meet detailed step-by-step manuals for beginners and professionals. High-class special editions for knitting, crocheting, sewing or tinkering with creative manuals and modern designs transform handicraft into passion.

The magazine series „Cupcake Heaven“ and „Food Heaven“ (“Baking Heaven” and “Cake Decoration Heaven”) are young and new baking magazines which pivot on what you need for baking and decorating: Delicious recipes, suggestions and tips, news from the world of products, materials which facilitate working, advices by professionals and much more.
The magazines appear in turns and three releases “Cupcake Heaven”, two releases “Cake decoration Heaven” and one release “Baking Heaven” appear in 2014. A variety of fancy recipes about Cupcakes, cakes & Co. can be found in our magazines.

Again, the OZ publisher is represented at the Creativa 2014. The publisher presents recent creative-magazines from their assortment, for instance Anna, Sabrina, Die kleine Diana, Mollie Makes, The Knitter, Stricktrends, Meine Bastelwelt, Mein Kreativ.Atelier, Mein Deko- und Bastelspaß and many more. Visitors can participate at workshops with Maki, the editor of the succeeding magazine “Mollie Makes”. Maki presents the new trend-technique “Knooking” - a mix of knitting and crocheting. Also, it is possible to take part at her “Potch-Workshop” and learn how to transfer print on textiles. The OZ publisher shows bags of the recent magazine “Lena’s Patchwork Nr. 33” at the booth. Also, on the big stage it presents knitted wear at a fashionshow from the magazine Sabrina 4/2014.

More than 40.000 different knitting magazines, knitting packages, knotting packages, international knitting magazines and much accessories like daylight lamps, knitting stands, knitting frames and picture frames can be found in our large onlineshop and in our Cross Stitch Corner order catalogue once a year.

It is the largest marketplace in Ukraine, where everyone can meet masters, designers, artists, manufacturers and distributors of modern materials for creativity. It is held in Kiev twice a year, in April and October.