Information on Corona restrictions at our events

A new Corona Protection Ordinance has been in force in North Rhine-Westphalia and throughout Germany since April 3, 2022. This regulation does not impose any restrictions on the staging of events.

This means that the following corona-related requirements no longer apply to events at Messe Dortmund, Westfalenhalle Dortmund and Kongress Dortmund:

- Access restrictions such as 3G or 2G regulation

- Test obligation before entering the event site

- Capacity restrictions for events 

- distance regulations

- Mask obligation 

- Restrictions on stand construction or seating 

- Restrictions on catering

In order to further minimize the risk of infection and to avoid endangering yourself and others, we recommend that you avoid crowded situations, wear a medical mask on your own responsibility in certain situations, be vaccinated against COVID-19 and stay at home if you experience corona symptoms.

The Westfalenhallen Unternehmensgruppe is providing additional safety on the grounds of the Messe Dortmund, the Westfalenhalle and the Kongress by increasing cleaning intervals and setting up disinfectant dispensers.

We look forward to finally welcoming you back to events without strict regulations in Dortmund in the coming weeks and months! 

This regulation is valid as long as no new restrictions are declared..